The Eaghams Weekly: Teaching in Mexico with ABC English

I received a phone call when I was walking in Epping Forest. My employer-to-be rang me to tell me I landed the job in Mexico. It’s a small town called Poza Rica that I went to. I was teaching with ABC English.

The Mexicans are on the border of Texas, and the cowboy traditions have been picked up. The Mexicans like to dance in a sort of way where you move your hips side to side as you pace back and forth. I was testing out my dance moves at a wedding do, we rocked up to, where a girl called Bertha taught me the moves. 99 percent of people drink, it’s considered strange if you do not drink. You are considered either a) crazy or b) gay.

The Mexicans eat alot of tacos, there are stalls everywhere, I was hooked on tacos. You could stop off somewhere and there would be a tacos stall with tacos ready to go. While on the subject of continental cuisine and dining, I used to eat something bucoles, look out for that one, that is a real treat. I used to have bucoles for breakfast at the workman’s cafe, to get my day started. It’s fried eggs with sauce in small pancakes. Delicious.

The English teachers had a house party, where I sang some of my material in the works. Bertha was there in the corner of the room, and took interest in the song. The teachers were a mixed bunch, some were Americans, others Italians. One of the Italian guys had Aztec symbology tattooed on his back, it was newly done, there was a film of blood left on his back. It would have been quite full on to watch.

I met Sonia in my free time, she had children. She was one of the security guards at Pemex oil company, where I taught clientele one-to-one Business English, written and speaking. She was a Freemason. I was trying to in all honesty and truthfulness set up a Falun Gong qigong (which is a tai chi type of exercise) site at a school,  she assisted showing compassion, we tried to set one up in the local area, patiently and with tolerance. We couldn’t set that up, but I sent out a few leaflets in the area.

One of the New Yorkers, an English teacher, would ring us all up when she was drunk at one of the bars on her own, on her time off work. We were all quite busy most of the time.

Getting to work, I would take a collectivo, which is like the usual taxi, but they squeeze in three people at the front. There were too big Mexican guys I was wedged between. I could see the drivers view.

Teaching English in Mexico was very cool. One student drove us back home. One day, as I went out of the classroom to see my employer for a minute, the students played a CD on the school stereo. I came back and they were all singing Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.

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