The Eaghams Weekly: Poem: Intrigue


For Vernon James

We bust leafy lyrics over the speakers
Over the campus Wall Hall
Where we built and talked our walk
Drank till we were stoned
Ate chicken and went to the Carnival
Gave you my collection
Your appreciation of paintings
Was new to me, poets and paints
We wrote with peacock feathers!
The grey shirt with matching
Loafers after your smart attire
Is what we chose for the open mic fire
In Camden, the intrigues played!
Hitting up the bars with lyrics.

Commentary: This poem comes out of the time I rolled with Vernon James, (the subject of the poem) and the times we spent while at University of Hertfordshire at the Wall Hall campus. We hung out at The Carnival, where there were brears blazin’, listening to the hip hop there. We used to bus’ freestyles on campus and I produced a fair few beats on the QY20 sequencer…

© Zubyre Parvez 2016 All Rights Reserved

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The EaghamsWRITER BIO: Zubyre Parvez (BA hons) studied English Literature at Hertfordshire University. He writes song lyrics, poetry, short stories, reviews, and articles for The Taoist Crucible.  His poetry won runners up in a competition judged by Simon Armitage and Margaret Atwood. His poetry has been published in Kobita. His articles have appeared in The Epoch Times as a journalist for the newspaper. He has worked for New Tang Dynasty Television as a journalist. You can catch up with his tweets @TheEaghams