Poetry Q&A

What inspired you to write poetry?

There are different circles in poetry, and different social classes, middle class literati, and then there’s spoken word, rap and slam poetry, etc. I wanted to question what makes good poetry, in my work – whether one needs to be in one particular category, being an urban Londoner, I think people like Shakespeare had wholeness in their work, the hyperbole and dramatic attitude of spoken word, the rhythmic vitality of rap, was all in his works, beyond these recent sub-categorizations of form. I wanted to write a poetry that reflects being a thirty something British-Asian urban Londoner.

What are your influences?

Derek Walcott, Benjamin Zephaniah, Wu-Tang Clan, Anna Akhmatova.

How would you describe there themes in your work?

Imagination, the search for wholeness, wordplay, philosophy, travel, identity, things of that sort.