1997 Win Runners up prize of £25 Waterstones Gift Voucher in a poetry competition judged Simon Armitage and Margaret Atwood.

1998 This year I saw Derek Walcott at The National Theatre, Embankment> I got his Selected Poems autographed. This year I met DJ Excalibuh at NewVIC college, did a collaboration track at his house in Wansted Flats. This was back when he was doing pirate radio broadcasts for Juice FM. He invited me to a variety night at The Stratford Theatre, where I performed some of my hip hop material I performed. Backstage, I met Mr Hectic, and did some collaborations with him, recording at The Dairy in Brixton, performing at open mic in Camden, and working for his independent label Dig-A-Ble Records.

1999 I went to Queens, New York with Amit and Farhad and Louise. I bought Jim Morrison lyrics, went on a boat ride in Times Square park, hopped the A-trains, took a photo of statue of liberty, took a tour bus, went to Coney Island. Stayed in Queens with Aunt Shelley.

2000 My song The Roots was played on BBC Digital Radio show 1Xtra by DJ Excalibuh.

2001 Went to Cyprus with Amadeep and Hasan, rode the scooters by the Mediterranean Sea.

2002 Went to France saw the Notre Dame Cathedral and had fried egg on pizza there. Went to Poland as part of the APASS Teaching Scheme to teach at a summer school.

2003 Elen met at New Years Party, when we started a relationship that lasted until May. Discovered the Falun Gong tai chi type practice, and bought Zhuan Falun from Watford Town Center.

2004 Graduated from University of Hertfordshire with a degree (hons) in English Literature. Went to Peru for three days to take Ayahuasca with Roman. Went to Barcelona with Amit and friends, saw the Monserrat mountains. Went to Bangladesh with Abba and Shuab. Completed TEFL teaching course with Windsor Schools.

2005 Got a contract to teach abroad in Mexico with ABC English
2007 Worked as a Parking Administrator for Ascham Homes for 1 year 8 months.
2008 Sold property at 138 Studley Road, receiving inheritance of £60,000.
2009 Lived in East Ham.
2010 Went to Chinese Embassy in recent years.
2012 Lived in Earlham Grove for 1 year 6 months.