Update #2 Rap Credentials

I started to listen to hip hop records when I was 15. My friend Jason lent me a tape of Wu-Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers. I used to buy the HHC (Hip Hop Connection) magazine, it centred around the British Hip Hop scene. I had a drum machine I got on my birthday, and me and my bro started our own rap recorded on the four track mixer my brother owned. I remember the folder I kept. My brother later bought a QY20 sequencer. On that machine, you could take the beats on there to a studio and make a full hip hop track out of it.

Wu-Tang Clan were advertised in Newham Recorder, it was billed as the whole nine members, at the Ilford Island. Me and Jason turned up, the venue was filled with weed smoke. Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Prodigal Son turned up rapping off the DAT. ODB was swigging on a wine bottle.

At college I met DJ Excalibuh at the E block. He invited me on a track with a whole load of other emcees and characters. He came up with my rap name back then, ‘Guardian’. He invited me to the Stratford Theatre variety night , where I performed my track ‘The Elixir’. It was recorded on video by my folks., Backstage I met one of the line-up, Mr Hectic, who was passing out his contact details. I rang him up and went to see him in White City.

I went to see him every week, he was working on his Discovery EP, and I was working for his label Dig-A-Ble Records. I gave him a copy of the EP I had recorded at an engineer called Adrian Wyatt studio in his flat in WEst Hampsted. It was a mixture of samples from all over the place. I got inspiration from vinyl, on a record player my friend Vernon James sold to me for £15. I performed with Mr Hectic in Camden and did a collaboration on some songs we went to The Dairy to record.

I worked on an EP, and it wasmet with a response from a talent scout called Thembi, of Big Dada records, who expressed her response in the material. She put me in a studio awith her brother, an engineer, in Ham Park road, forest gate. I put together a second EP, and a few other tracks.


1. The Roots
2. The Elixir
3. Lines from The Border
4. Hell
5. Tune IN, Tune Out
6. Someday
7. Thrill of the CHase
8. Agnieska
9. A Good Time
10. Old Days
11. Four Walls
12. Know This Name
13. World Is My Family
14. Dafa Hao

I met Ubik Heredia through Myspace my song Dafa Hao made it onto his mixtape called Red Sulphur.


Author: The Eaghams

Singer Songwriter. Poet. Writer.

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