Eaghams Update #1

Indie Background

I wrote my first song at 13 years of age. I bought my first guitar when I was 15.I went to college at NewVIC and hung out at the E block music department and collaborated with some musicians. We performed at the college and some secondary schools.

My brother (the folk artist Art Block) bought the NME back then it showcased a lot of emerging indie artists on independent labels. We shared the same CD collection, merging his and mine together underneath the hi-fi we had in the lounge. We had a diverse range of music from PInk Floyd, Radiohead, Cornershop, Puressence and lots of others. There was a total of 100 CDs between us.

I went to see Suede video set for their song ‘Film Star’. I never really checked to see if I can be seen in the video. I went to see Embrace live, and I got their autographs. My friends were into a few bands. My friend Paul got me into one of The Smiths albums The Queen is Dead. Jason had a CD of U2 Zooroopa, that he got me into. We tried to form a band along with Ali, but we went out separate ways. Jason to Ireland. Me and Ali in England.

I performed at The College, performing one of my numbers with a celloist, It went downa treat. One midde-aged gentleman came up to me at comment on enjoying the piece.

My friend Rasheed was an aspiring singer, who got me in touch with an A&R, who invited me to an event showcase at The Garage, that my friend Andy came to see. At university, my friend Phil Walker introduced me to Joseph Arthur.I reeled in drunk into his room listening to Big City Secrets, it sounded so good. I later to see him play an acoustic set in Camden. I got one of the other guys to take a picture of me and Joseph Arthur and he autographed one of his albums Our Shadows Will Remain. I recorded Fall of The Tyrants at Rubycue studios in Hackney, not too far from where I live. Nick Hunt, engineering credits include Placebo. He engineered the tracks Fall of The Tyrants and Withdraw. My song about the persecution of the peaceful tai chi type group Falun Gong group who adhere to the tenants of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. Yet the CCP regime has killed over 3,600 of it’s adherents. The Clash wrote a song about the same issue, in their song ‘Love to the Falun Gong.’

My track Prospect Calendar, I sent to CD Baby Derek Sivers complimented us with the comment ‘Wonderful!’.

Tracks from The Lyric Play:

1. Prospect Calendar

2. Fall of The Tyrants

3. Withdraw

4. Parallelogram Telegram

5. Age of Love and Friendship

6. Road Less Travelled

7. Sage Fire

8. Silence


Author: The Eaghams

Singer Songwriter. Poet. Writer.

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