Story No.27 Rupert and Greg

Sometimes Greg smiled because he understood, sometimes he was in repose because he understood, looking at him attentively, as his friend ashamedly confided in him, looking up at him, smiling the whole time as he was speaking. Even on the phone calls he took, you could hear his smile. Either way, his friend had to learn for himself what he wanted to do. Was he getting it right? That was the basis of their friendship and what it revolved around.

Sometimes, Greg would talk from his own experience which nudged Rupert from his self-absorbed ponderings. Steering the conversation purposely in his direction some people could not really listen for long without talking about themselves or how their stories are related to their won, when they weren’t doing back with something bigger and better.

Some people so centred in their own train of thought that they weren’t actually listening. Sometimes Greg would be thinking about something whilst listening. So then Rupert would ask for affirmation: ‘are you listening?’ Greg would succinctly summarise what he was saying, but it wasn’t just a small indication of what details he had caught onto, but rather it was the main of it together with his response. Naturally, some people retained more information than others. Rupert couldn’t keep up with his own impressions and thoughts, let alone what was going around him, therefore, he would sometimes talk a bit loudly, not paying attention to his surroundings, saying inappropriate stuff, that was vague and incoherent.


Author: The Eaghams

Singer Songwriter. Poet. Writer.

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